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Year of Build:1912
Gross Tonnage:921
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Name Year Notes PDF File
Badenia 1945 45a0130.pdf
Badenia 1944 44b0094.pdf
Badenia 1943 43b0101.pdf
Badenia 1942 42b0087.pdf
Badenia 1941 41b0084.pdf
Badenia 1940 40a0123.pdf
Badenia 1939 39b0087.pdf
Badenia 1938 38b0086.pdf
Badenia 1937 37b0088.pdf
Badenia 1935 35b0085.pdf
Badenia 1934 34b0088.pdf
Badenia 1933 33b0086.pdf
Badenia 1932 32b0086.pdf
Badenia 1931 31b0115.pdf
Badenia 1930 30b0115.pdf

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